Through building capacity of law enforcement units as a preventive measure to combat violence .


Some of PROWOCAVU STAFF AND VOLUNTEERS during a strategic planning and consultative meeting. PROWOCAVU uses a bottom top approach to assess community need.


PROWOCAVU undertakes six programs to fulfill its mission:
Human Rights and ViolenceContribute to citizen enjoyment of fundamental and constitutional Human Rights to combat violence against women and children in Uganda.
Research, Information & Outreach Conduction and dissemination of findings of research, engage in participatory community dialogues, assessments, and evaluations on all issues pertaining PROWOCAVU programme areas. Conduct outreaches and early identification of victims of violence. + Read more

Strengthening Retention of positive Mothers and HIV Exposed Infants in Iganga District.

A client returning to the health facility for treatment after an “active client follow-up exercise” by the health workers in Bulamagi HC III, Iganga District.

Cooking demonstration on how to prepare a good and balanced meal for children and infants.

We envision introducing nutrition health sessions in homes and feeding programs in schools having vulnerable and underprivileged children.

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Malnutrition a real problem in Uganda.

At least 360 infants reportedly die daily in Uganda and nutrition interventions can save approximately 120 babies per day (UBOS 2012).

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Strengthening Retention of positive Mothers and HIV Exposed Infants in Iganga District.

Through this 2year project, PROWOCAVU contributes to a reduction in loss to follow up in PMTCT and paediatric HIV infections, a major concern at Iganga District.

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About us

Creating a platform for the marginalised.
PROWOCAVU Provides a safe haven to women and children through human rights education and awareness raising, research and advocacy, emergence and early identification mechanisms for victims of violence, medical and psychosocial support, legal redress and creating opportunities for economic empowerment.

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