Background of the Organisation

Protecting Women & Children Against Violence-Uganda (PROWOCAVU) is a Not-for-Profit Organisation legally as a company limited by guarantee in 2012. PROWOCAVU was born-out of a deep passion by a group of 5experienced Ugandan professionals in 2010 led by Dr. Jane Namugga, moved by the situation in Uganda where women and children are increasingly abused almost with impunity each day that passes-by. The idea came into play to work with the most marginalised and under-privileged communities, handling issues of women and children in their social, health and economic well-being.


Empowered people in a violence free society.


Provide a safe haven to women and children through human rights education and awareness raising, research and advocacy, emergence and early identification mechanisms for victims of violence, medical and psychosocial support, legal redress and creating opportunities for economic empowerment.

Our Latest Work

Latest WorkStrengthening Retention of positive Mothers and HIV Exposed Infants in Iganga District.

Our Programs

Human Rights & Violence

Contribute to citizen enjoyment of fundamental and constitutional Human Rights to combat violence against women and children in Uganda.

HIV/AIDS Prevention and Mitigation

Contribute to reduced HIV prevalence rates and mitigation of HIV/AIDS amongst women and children especially survivors of violence.

Rehabilitation & Legal Aid

Contribute to promotion of psychosocial support and justice to the underprivileged groups of women & children that have been subjected to violence.

Maternal & Child health Promotion

Women and children have a right to quality health services. We work to reduce maternal and child morbidity and mortality in advocating for health living.

Research, Information & Outreach

Conduction and dissemination of findings of research, engage in participatory community dialogues, assessments, and evaluations on all issues pertaining PROWOCAVU programme areas. Conduct outreaches and early identification of victims of violence.

Women and Child Empowerment

We work to promote technology innovations to combat violence against women and children. Build capacity of women and girls to be key decision makers and promoting their self-reliance through economic empowerment projects.